Open Air Screen Rental

Open Air Screen Rental

We have two screens which are generally used for open air screenings. Our 8m x 4m inflatable screen along with our High Definition (HD) projector and event grade speakers are perfect for screening to a large audience. For a smaller audience we have a 4m x 3m inflatable screen available. The smaller screen is great for smaller more intimate venues.

Screenings can be broadcast inside a warehouse, at car parks, at country parks or private land as well as many other locations.

Please note to host an event it can take up 8 weeks for the relevant license application to be approved. As part of the license application you will require layouts, risk assessments and an event management plan. To set up for a screening takes about an hour and we maintain staff at the event to ensure things go smoothly.

Blue Monkey Rental Includes

  • High Definition (HD) Projection
  • Concert Grade Speakers
  • DVD/Blu-Ray Player
  • Technical host for delivery, setup and tear down.
  • Standard rental time is 1 full length feature film.

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